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Puppy Contract

Buyer/Seller Agreement



Seller certifies that this puppy is of sound body, good health, and free of communicable diseases as far as appears to the eye. This puppy has received its first set of puppy shots and has been treated for worms. Seller is not responsible for vet bills incurred after the sale of this puppy. Seller is not responsible if a puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving breeder’s possession. Breeder guarantees puppy against any congenital defect causing death of or making euthanasia necessary until one year of age. Buyer will receive a replacement puppy of equal or greater value from our next available litter if this puppy is diagnosed with severe crippling hip dysplasia warranting euthanasia at less than 1 year of age (shipping costs are the responsibility of the Buyer). The puppy’s sire and dam are both free of hip dysplasia. The puppy is expected to be free of hereditary crippling hip dysplasia, however, no guarantee of such is or can be made, or intended herein because of the fact that it is a polygenetic disorder. Seller must be provided with a written report of the dog's health problem from Buyer's veterinarian detailing the puppies condition prior to authorization of replacement of the puppy. The Buyer assumes full responsibility for all costs and care during this time.




Due to the large size to which our dogs grow, we ask that they be kept on a high quality Large Breed dog food for life. They will come to you being fed Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food.


Registration papers (if applicable) will be furnished to Buyer upon receipt from the A.K.C. or other Club when complete payment is made for the puppy. The Buyer has the option of naming their new dog. Buyer agrees to register this dog (if applicable) in accordance with the time limits specified by the Club. If Buyer fails to register this puppy within 30 days, all guarantees made by Seller in this contract will become void. Deposits are applied to the purchase price of the puppy. A deposit of $500.00 is required to reserve your puppy. Deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise noted in writing. Placing a deposit prior to birth does not guarantee you will receive a puppy from a particular litter unless otherwise stated. The size of the litter and sexes within a litter are out of our control. We accept PayPal or Cash only for Deposits. The puppy must be paid for in full before it can be picked up. Final payment must be made by Cash or Zelle only. Any Buyer leaving a puppy for more than a week (beyond the initial 8 weeks) will be charged a $100 per week boarding fee.



Buyer agrees to not tie out or chain this puppy unless supervised by an adult for the duration of it's life. If the puppy cannot be kept for any reason, the dog will be given back to the Seller without cost to the Seller. Buyer agrees to supply and transfer all corresponding registration papers and to supply a current health certificate at the time of delivery. Buyer agrees to provide this dog with adequate nutrition and a full round of available annual vaccinations. Buyer agrees to feed the puppy LARGE BREED PUPPY FOOD until the puppy reaches 4 months old, at that time the puppy should be put on a high quality LARGE BREED ADULT FOOD diet. Buyer agrees not to mistreat this dog in any shape or form nor allow any type of laboratory tests (such as cosmetic or medical experiments) to be performed on him/her. Because these dogs grow very rapidly and will be very large, it is a necessity that they live at least 60% of their time outside. Slick floors are terrible on the hips of growing puppies. Buyer agrees never to allow the dog to become overweight. If a buyer disregards any of these requirements listed above then the contract will become void. Seller in no way guarantees that this puppy/dog shall win in conformation and/or performance events. Buyer agrees not to sue Seller and to pay any and all court/attorneys fees incurred by the Seller should any suit be brought against the seller in regard to this puppy/dog by any person. Buyer also agrees that any litigation will be in the city of the Sellers residence.

Lastly, no puppy may be euthanized without consent of breeder. Breeder has option of having the dog examined by a vet of their choice to determine if euthanasia is unavoidable. Please understand that we at PJs Puppies are animal lovers and desire that none of our animals suffer cruelty in any fashion. Violation of this contract will constitute Buyer's unconditional surrender of the purchased dog and all registration documents at no cost to Seller.


Sire Registered Name: ______________________________________

Dam Registered Name: ______________________________________

Litter No.___________________________________

Date Whelped __________________________

Microchip Number:_______________________








Note: This Contract is agreed to and binding on all parties upon receipt of Deposit for Puppy by Seller.

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